Questions To Ask A Direct Primary Care Doctor Before You Sign-Up

“When choosing a Direct Primary Care doctor, there are many questions that you want to be sure you have answered for you and/or your family. Before you sign-up and pay a monthly membership fee, you should understand how a Direct Primary Care practice differs from the typical medical practice.” (Adapted from Concierge Medicine Today/Direct Primary Care Journal August 27, 2013 [Updated: SEPT 27, 2013]  Michael Tetreault, Editor)

By providing specific answers to the questions posed in this article, we hope that you will better understand the unique benefits and services of
Dr. Katibah’s practice – Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas.

How many years has Dr. Katibah practiced Family Medicine?

27 years.

How long as Dr. Katibah’s practice been open?

Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas opened in December of 2013.

Does Direct Primary Care have multiple locations?


Can I read patient reviews about Dr. Katibah?

You can find reviews about Dr. Katibah on websites such as:  Angie’s List, Vitals.com, and HealthGrades.com.

How can I find out about Dr. Katibah’s medical training?

Read Dr. Katibah’s About Page.

What is the monthly fee?

See Membership Page for payment options.

How do I pay the doctor?

Most members (patients) pay the 1st day of each month via a recurring credit card charge.

Do you offer any discounts for couples and/or families that join?

Yes, see Membership Page for details.

What additional fees are not included in the annual membership fee?

Office Scheduling fee of $25 at each visit and additional labs beyond basic labs (deeply discounted from fees charged by lab companies).  Additional charges may apply for extensive office visits such as skin excisions, laceration repairs, or other visits which require additional supplies.

Will I be required to pay monthly even if I do not need to use your services?

The membership fee is required, because it provides access to Dr. Katibah even if you are not in the office.

Does DPC accept Insurance?

No, DPC of the Carolinas does not participate with insurance companies.  This non-participation is the premise of the Direct Primary Care model, allowing us to reduce our costs and provide better care to you.

How compatible is Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas with my health insurance plan?

It can co-exist very well with your present insurance.  Dr. Katibah highly recommends purchasing health insurance to cover catastrophic events such as surgery, specialist evaluations, hospitalizations, and injuries.

Does Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas participate in Medicare or Medicaid?


Do I need insurance to become a member of the practice?

No, but everyone must become a member of the practice. One can come in for an initial visit for a simple problem to decide whether the practice is right for you.  After the first visit, you can decide if you want to become a member.

Is there a co-pay?

No, since co-pays are associated with insurance.  Every visit will have a $25 office scheduling fee.

May I see a copy of your Membership Agreement?

Available by calling our office at (704) 547-9500.

Will my Medical Flexible spending account / HSA reimburse my monthly fee?

Since every health insurance plan is uniquely different, you will need to check with your plan. DPCC will be able to provide receipts for the monthly membership fee if needed for documentation.

What is included in the Annual Physical Exam?

Questionnaire to determine your health habits, a thorough exam including a Gyn exam if needed, Screening labs to assess your health, and a summary about the findings and MD recommendations to improve your health.

Can I still see my gynecologist?

You may still see your Gyn doctor, although most Gyn routine care and issues can be handled by Dr. Katibah.

How difficult is it to get an appointment?

Dr. Katibah can provide same or next-day visits with unhurried appointments that start on time, since he will only be caring for about 500 patients.

How long do in-office visits typically last?

Most visits can last 15-30 minutes, depending on severity.  A CPX (Complete Physical Exam) will typically last 45-50 minutes.

How long will I have to wait if I come in for a visit?

Your wait time will normally be < 15 minutes, since Dr. Katibah now has time to care for each patient.

What if I have an emergency or need hospitalization? What hospitals does this doctor have admitting privileges to in this area?

Dr. Katibah maintains courtesy privileges at CMC-Main and CMC-University, but will rely on the Hospitalist or other Specialty physicians as the “attending physician” during your hospital stay.  Dr. Katibah can interact with the physician(s) at the hospital to maintain continuity of care.

What about the cost of prescription medicines?

The cost of prescriptions is not covered by the membership.  We do have a relationship with a mail-order pharmacy that can deliver many of your generic meds for remarkably discounted prices.

Can I receive text messages from my doctor?  What about E-visits, Skype chats, or FaceTime thru iPhone?

There are patient confidentiality issues about communicating via text messages, and we must stay compliant with HIPAA regulations.  We are considering adding other forms of electronic communication in the future.  For urgent medical issues, we still recommend an initial telephone call to guarantee that your medical needs are met in a timely fashion.

What type of technology do you utilize regularly in your medical practice?

Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas will provide a patient portal, computerized entry of medical information, and access to medical information that can be used with patients in the exam room.

What happens if I have a problem after the office is closed?

Dr. Katibah is available via cell phone every night/weekend for emergency issues that cannot wait until the next day.  If you have a non-urgent issue, Dr. Katibah can best care for you during office hours.

What happens if my doctor goes on vacation?

Dr. Katibah will still be available by phone even if he is away from the office.  Eventually he plans to team up with other similar doctors in the area who can cover the practice while he is away.

What happens if I move out of the area after I enroll?

You will be entitled to a pro rata refund of your membership fee, once you have provided proper notice of your move or desire to leave the practice.

Can I enroll in the practice anytime in the future?

Yes, but Dr. Katibah may have to limit the practice to 500 patients in order to provide the current members the care and attention that they deserve.  If there is sufficient demand in the future, the practice will consider adding another physician or Physician Assistant.

What if I get married or have/adopt a child?  Can I extend coverage to my new family members?

Dr. Katibah enjoys providing care for the entire family, and offers discounts for the additional family members.

Do you provide help for out-of-town family members visiting for a few days in the event that they have a health issue?

Dr. Katibah will be glad to see your out-of-town family member.  This service is one of the benefits of belonging to Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas.

How do I obtain more information or become a member of Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas?

See Membership Page. We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions not answered here; just call our office at (704) 547-9500.