How to REDUCE your DPCC Membership cost

  1. Call your insurance carrier or HR Department to verify that your insurance plan covers your annual Physical /Wellness Exam.  Make sure the insurance will reimburse you if you pay for the Annual Physical even if performed by an Out-of-Network provider (Dr. Katibah is an out-of-network provider for every insurance plan.)  Practically every insurance plan is now legally required to provide this coverage; the coverage for an out-of-network doctor may vary between different plans.
  2. Call our office (704) 547-9500 to schedule your Annual Physical.
  3. At your Physical exam (I will spend about 45 minutes with you), you will pay our Annual Physical fee which is $ 569 for the 1st adult in family, or $ 468 (Discount for spouse/ 2nd adult).  This amount is within the national Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) Range for an Annual Physical, and includes all typical Physical labs.  Since you are paying-in-full at your Physical, we will waive the $25 office visit fee for that day.
  4. At the end of the Physical, you will receive an Encounter form/Receipt listing all the necessary Codes/Fees.  Submit this paperwork with a Medical Claim form that you can download from your insurance carrier website.
  5. In a few weeks, your insurance carrier should send you a check reimbursing you for your Annual Physical charge.  If it does not cover the entire amount, you should be able to submit the remainder for reimbursement if you have a Healthcare Flex Spending Account (often called HSA or FSA) through your employer.
  6. Since you Paid-in-Full at your Annual Physical, you will have no monthly membership fees for the next 12 months.  Paying-in-full + plus the waiving of the $25 office visit fee that pay represents an annual savings of $ 44, or almost one month of membership.  If your insurance/ HSA reimburses you completely, your insurance carrier has essentially subsidized all of your membership costs.

Another example:  A national corporation with a large local employee base reimburses 70% of our Annual Physical fee.  After the employee is reimbursed, the out-of-pocket cost for the entire year was only $ 170 ($14.25/month) for the primary member or $140 ($ 11.70/month) for the 2nd adult.  We believe this amount is an exceptional value to have a personal physician who knows you and is always available to care for your medical needs.