Why do I become a “Member”?

By charging a low monthly membership fee, Direct Primary Care of the Carolinas is able to limit the practice to only 500-600 patients, instead of the 2000+ patients that most traditional physicians cover.  Therefore we have more time to care for each patient.   This monthly membership provides for the vast majority of your primary care for a simple, fixed price. It allows you to better budget your healthcare finances - without worrying about deductibles for doctor office visits.

Why Would I Pay “Extra” for Health Care?

We do not consider the membership fee to be an “extra” cost; instead we consider it to be a cost-effective means of providing you enhanced services that other practices cannot provide. The value of having rapid access to a physician who knows you well, and has time for you, cannot be overstated.  You will always be able to see your physician, not a fill-in provider.  In addition, most of our members can save money by combining Direct Primary Care with a high-deductible health insurance plan (vs. standard lower-deductible/"co-pay" insurance plans).

Membership Options & Pricing

1st Adult
Child with Adult Member†
Child without Adult Member
Office Scheduling Fee

†Child – household member of family <26 years old.    *No additional fees after first two children


Another way to look at it...

A husband and wife can join for $88/month, 
which breaks down to less than $3.00/day.

Less than your daily latte. 

How to Reduce your Membership Cost:

Every insurance plan is now legally required to cover an Annual Physical/Wellness Exam.  If you pay in full for this exam at the time of the visit, you will have no membership fees for the next year.  When your insurance company / Health Savings Account reimburses you for this exam, your membership costs are essentially being subsided by your insurance /HSA.  For an explanation of how to reduce your membership cost, click HERE!