What is DPC?

The Current State of American Healthcare

Patients often suffer in the present American healthcare system.  Patients are frustrated by long delays to obtain an appointment, hours spent waiting to see a provider, uncaring office staff, and unreturned phone calls.

Patients feel their medical needs are ignored as typical office visits are impersonal “factory assembly lines” during which no one appears to actually know the patient or address their concerns.  Doctors rarely have time to counsel them or answer important medical and health questions.

High insurance costs and impersonal health care have become the norm– are You ready for a change? DPCC brings you comprehensive health care and the personal service lacking from traditional health care options.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative healthcare model which gives you easy access to the doctor of your choice.  The DPC model is growing rapidly in popularity across the country. By paying a simple monthly fee, you become a “member” of a DPC practice.  The Direct Primary Care model allows you to have a personal physician without the need to use medical insurance.

Just like you don’t use your auto insurance to take a trip, change your oil, or make
minor repairs, you don’t need medical insurance for most primary care problems.

By removing insurance from the doctor-patient relationship, we are able to lower prices, provide longer visits, and meet your healthcare needs with personalized care.  Now we can serve as your advocate, without interference or conflict of interest from outside parties.  This model results in a vital personal relationship with your doctor, a goal desired by so many yet often viewed as unattainable.